Diprosa has 7 well-defined services which we describe in broad terms:

1. Clothing:

The factory has more than 100 industrial sewing machines, which allows us manufacture uniforms, backpacks, bags and other products in its extensive catalog of products.

Many operators have over 7 years of working with the company which makes us a very versatile plant in terms of their capacity to develop a number of products. They gives instructions to operatives to learn how to perform various operations and this helps the company to make any type of garment or textile requested.

2. Serigraphy:

From its origin, the factory specilizes in textile serigraphy. They have 4 printing machines, one of them manual and two automatic printing machines; allowing us to offer any kind of impression that the client requests. American inks and all kinds of silks are used, which allows us to offer simple printing designs with high detailed resolution and definition.

All our garments are dried in two industrial furnaces which guarantees the cure of our garments. Prior to any stamping, it´s a rule to take out a preview to the final print run so that it is approved by the customer to avoid errors or misunderstandings.

We can print on different substrates or surfaces such as plastics, synthetic leather, or any other surface. Our highly trained staff has many years of experience in the industry allowing us to offer the customer the right ink and printing method more appropriate to the job at hand.

We can print up to 10 colors and settled at the time of delivery of our customers.

3. Embroidery:

In this department, we have two new embroidery machines that have a capacity of 24 heads and up to 12 colors of yarn. It offers scanning the customer's logo or design and has expertise in digitization which guarantees a better quality of embroidery.

4. Cutting:

It has a cutting department and cutters with experience in development patterns that allows us to offer this service to external customers who do not have the required cutting tables to cut her clothes or textiles.

We have an endless number of patterns of all the products we manufacture and we are able to offer the sponsorship of new products.

5. Urgent Requests:

Given the rubric of the company, urgent orders are processed with an additional charge of 20% of the value of product portfolio.

We can deliver certain products in a minimum term of 24 hours depending on the product and quantity. Ask our sales advisors on this service.

6. Fingerprinting:

We have digital printing equipment and processing of all kinds of signs from small banners to signs that require the use of router. We have a wide variety of plotters for the production of colorful prints on various types of vinyl sheeting.

7. Lithography and School Supplies:

One of the partners of DIPROSA has a printing and distributor of books and school supplies which allows us to offer this additional service to all our customers and especially to those who buy our backpacks and require them to come accompanied by their respective Kit school year.