Diprosa has a department for external printing of banners and vinyl stickers. Banners may be from small to mount in a spider from 30 x 70 inches to a blanket cross street 1 x 8meters or even larger if required. Also, because we have our own art department we can offer the production of hard copy and/or cartonboard such as:

- Brochures (trefoil or quatrefoil)
- Folders
- Leaflets
- Carnets cardboard
- Posters

We have also developed through the years thousands of notebooks from 80 to 100 pages with special front, as being our backpacks our main item we've had to meet the need of our private clients and government; supply them even with of all other school supplies such as:

- Printed transparent plastic ruler
- Draft form
- Plastic or metal sharpener
- Box of 6 or 12 colors
- Ink pen

We've made almost a million school backpacks for Duffels Family Allowance Program PRAF since 2000 which speaks only to our experience in managing projects that require full package. One of our specialties is the delivery of backpacks that already include school kits.

Banners Stickers Calendars Tarps
Signs Brochures