Visitors to our website:
It is my pleasure to tell a little bit about the company founded with friends and family 20 years ago. DIPROSA is a family business established on January 27, 1992.
This company was founded with the idea of stamping shirts for the institutional and promotional market of the city of Tegucigalpa but over the years and based on the demand of our customers, we started making uniforms, backpacks, purses, bean bags and countless of other textile and promotional products currently part of the extensive catalog of textile products offered by the company after many years of serving the Honduran market, as well as Central America, the United States and Canada also.
In 2010 the company decided to venture and expand its range of products and services and establishes a maquiladora factory in San Pedro Sula with the purpose of manufacturing and exporting shirts to the American market. The factory has been a success and is currently increasing the capacity of manufacturing the same and has established relationships with its main strategic partner Rio Garments who manufactures for the prestigious trademark apparel Aeropostale, as well as sewing for Armani Exchange and Nike.
DIPROSA is currently positioned in Honduras as the company's largest manufacturer of backpacks, briefcases and handbags and one of the top three companies in the business of promotional textiles and uniforms.
To all our customers who have been through these past 20 years we appreciate your loyalty and trust in our products and we promise to continue improving our quality and service every day more and we are committed to continue to offer innovative products at competitive prices; and to our future customers visiting us today, tell you that you are important to us and that you may trust our products because of our preceding 20 years of experience in the industry and for us your satisfaction is very important.
Success and blessings,
Angel Andrés Matuty Reina
General Manager