20 years of serving the promotional Honduran Market since 1992....
DIPROSA is a family business with 20 years of service that began with the vision of setting up a textile company that would be dedicated to print T-shirts to supply the market for souvenir shops and the promotional market of Tegucigalpa. Thus in January 1992, with the support of Attorney Guillermo Paredes Paredes and Lic. Andres Matuty Angel Gutierrez, we managed to purchase the first two stamping machines and the first industrial oven drying shirts. That same year, the Industrial Engineer Angel Andrés Matuty Reina was named General Manager of the company and leaves to Phoenix, Arizona, to be trained in serigraphy at the Screen Printing Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Upon their return, they began a phase of accelerated growth and are released nationally through aggressive marketing by means of specialized vendors who start visiting the main national institutions and companies to offer T-shirts. At this early stage and while entering more to the market, a need arises from customers to be supplied with in addition to the shirts, uniforms of all kinds such as Frenchy, overalls, polo shirts, caps and other garments, and is until 1995 they begin to buy sewing machines to make their own clothing. Later on, one of its largest customers asked for a large order of bags and that´s how a new stage starts with the production of this new product, that 17 years later, is today the main product of the company.
In 1998 begins an important stage for DIPROSA, because they establish a solid relationship with Artist Colony, an American company that sells Bean Bags and chairs to recognized companies such as JC Penny, Sears and Pottery Barns. This relationship with monthly export sales lasts almost 8 years and ends at the Artist Colony being bought by another company. This experience really helps DIPROSA to grow in knowledge of exporting and quality and also purchases equipment that tomorrow would serve to improve the quality of their products. Today we have added loas Bean Bags and chairs to our catalog of products and they are being offered in prestigious shops and stores in Central America.
With the passing of the years the company grows in the category of bags, briefcases, pens, backpacks and a number of products made of different types of synthetic tarps, becoming the leading company in Honduras of such products and offering a wide range of innovative products. Currently the company has facilities capable of producing more than 2000 units of bags per day and has the versatility to offer the sewing any product of this genre. Its staff of highly skilled sewing and screen printing makes it a highly versatile company with the ability to adapt to changing styles and products according to the demanding requirements of current customers.
In 2010 DIPROSA extends its production capacity to San Pedro Sula which establishes a new sewing plant, "New Hond Apparel International", which is devoted exclusively to produce t-shirts and other garments for export to the U.S. market. In the year of 2012 we desire a 100% increase in production capacity as its main client Rio Garments is growing rapidly through its main brand Aeropostale and requires more production.
In summary, we have over 250 employees spread over two plants, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula that have the capacity of sewing, embroidery and serigraphy, to supply the highest demands of national and foreign customers. We hope to continue growing and improving the quality of our products in 2012 and to you all, our current and future customers, we thank you deeply for taking into account at some point in your business life, for allowing us to give you the best products that represented the best option for your promotion.
Thank you for joining us in these 20 years of struggle, effort and dedication. We would not be who we are without your support, of our customers and suppliers. Thank you very much and our best wishes for this 2012.

We are a profitable and responsible business with partners and employees, which provides excellent promotional and commercial textile products through its efficient manufacturing services, screen printing and embroidery, or any other form of decoration textiles, satisfying the needs of our local customers, regional and foreign, who expect a textile product of quality at a competitive price in the regional or global market. Characterized by the use of innovative and friendly raw materials, that will enhance the ingenuity and appeal of our products.

We do all this with human capital that works in teams, with a deep sense of professional ethics, dedication and love for their work.


By the year of 2015 we will be the factory with the greatest versatility of textile products in the country, using cutting edge technology, supported by a motivated and committed human resources to our organization.

This allows us to generate an appropriate return for the common good of the partners and employees, offering high quality textile products to meet the needs of our local, regional and foreign, in an atmosphere of business integrity, social responsibility and respect for the environment.


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